Sunday, February 2, 2014

NFL Players born on a Super Bowl Sunday

(This post was originally written in 2014, but has been updated for 2016.)

It's Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest day of the American sports calendar. I'm not much of a football fan anymore, but today is one of the few days when I'll get sucked back in. Today I decided to take a look through the records at to find out how many NFL players (guys who appeared in at least one NFL game) were born on a Super Bowl Sunday. I don't believe this information will be of any help to you in winning any of your prop bets, but it's something.

(Because baseball is the sport I love, I researched the MLB players born on Super Bowl Sundays too. You can find them all here.)

I've discovered that there have been 18 players in NFL history born on a Super Bowl Sunday. Here they are:

January 15, 1967

Super Bowl I - The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

Fred DeRiggi was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He appeared in 2 games as a defensive lineman for the Patriots in 1990.

January 16, 1972

Super Bowl VI - The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-3

Joe Horn was born in New Haven, Connecticut. A four-time Pro Bowler at wide receiver, he played in 163 games (the most by any player on this list) during a 12-year career (1996-2007) with the Chiefs, Saints, and Falcons. He scored 58 touchdowns, and is easily the best player on this list.

January 14, 1973

Super Bowl VII - The Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7

Lee Flowers was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He appeared in 112 games as a defensive back for the Steelers (1995-2002). He had 4 interceptions in his career, and forced 8 fumbles.

January 13, 1974

Super Bowl VIII - The Miami Dolphins defeated the Minnesota Vikings 24-7

Matt Lepsis was born in Conroe, Texas. He appeared in 150 games as an offensive lineman during a 10-year career (1998-2007) with the Denver Broncos.

January 12, 1975

Super Bowl IX - The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 16-6

Nate Wayne was born in Chicago, Illinois. The linebacker appeared in 90 games (1998-2005) with the Broncos, Packers, Eagles, and Lions. He had 16 career sacks, along with 9 forced fumbles, and 8 interceptions.

January 9, 1977

Super Bowl XI - The Oakland Raiders defeated the Minnesota Vikings 32-14

Phil Clarke was born in Miami, Florida. He appeared in 35 games with the Saints (1999-2001), recording 33 tackles and 1 sack.

Rod Smart ("He Hate Me") was born in Lakeland, Florida. He appeared as a running back and return man in 53 games with the Eagles and Panthers between 2001 and 2005. He scored 1 touchdown on a 100-yard kickoff return.

January 25, 1981

Super Bowl XV - The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27-10

Reggie Torbor was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He appeared in 104 games as a linebacker with the Giants, Dolphins, and Bills between 2004 and 2011. He recorded 6.5 sacks, forced 4 fumbles, and had 2 interceptions.

January 24, 1982

Super Bowl XVI - The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21

Keyaron Fox was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He appeared in 98 games (2004-2012) with the Chiefs, Steelers, Redskins, and Texans. He had 1 interception in his career, which he returned for a touchdown.

LeRon McCoy was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He appeared in 10 games for the Cardinals in 2005, making 18 catches for 191 yards and 1 touchdown.

January 30, 1983

Super Bowl XVII - The Washington Redskins defeated the Miami Dolphins 27-17

Kareem Brown was born in Miami Florida. He appeared in 1 game as a defensive lineman with the New York Jets in 2007.

January 20, 1985

Super Bowl XIX - The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Miami Dolphins 38-16

Ali Highsmith was born in Miami, Florida. He appeared in 20 games as a linebacker and special teams player for the Cardinals in 2008 and 2009. He recorded 6 tackles.

Tony McDaniel was born in Hartsville, South Carolina. The defensive lineman has appeared in 125 games since 2006 with the Jaguars, Dolphins, Seahawks, and Buccaneers. He has 141 tackles and 11.5 sacks in his career.

January 25, 1987

Super Bowl XXI - The New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos 39-20

Isaako Aaitui was born in Pago Pago, American Samoa. He appeared in 4 games with the Miami Dolphins in 2013, recording 1 tackle from the defensive line.

Andre Smith was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He has appeared in 82 games as an offensive lineman for the Bengals since 2009.

January 22, 1989

Super Bowl XXIII - The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16

Marcus Dowtin was born in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He has appeared in 12 games since 2012 as a linebacker and special teams player for the Jets, Eagles, Bills, and Giants, recording 6 tackles.

January 27, 1991

Super Bowl XXV - The New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19

Orson Charles was born in Tampa, Florida. He has appeared in 29 games since 2012 as a tight end and special teams player for the Bengals. He has 9 career catches for 109 yards.

Deandre Coleman was born in Seattle, Washington. He has appeared in 4 games so far in his career,  as a defensive lineman with the Dolphins this past season. He has recorded 4 tackles.


Of those 18 players, Rod Smart, Reggie Torbor, Keyaron Fox, and Tony McDaniel are the only ones who've also played in a Super Bowl. Smart returned 4 kickoffs for the Panthers in their Super Bowl 38 loss. Torbor started and had 2 tackles for the Giants in their Super Bowl 42 win. Fox played a few downs for the Steelers in their Super Bowl 45 win. Tony McDaniel made 1 tackle for the Seahawks in their Super Bowl 49 loss.


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