Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Youngest and Oldest Pitchers to Throw a Maddux

It was just over a year ago that I first wrote about the Maddux, a baseball accomplishment I've been tracking since 1998, when I'd just graduated from high school. (The original post can be found here.) A Maddux is a complete game shutout (of at least 9 innings, no "5 innings, then rain" games) in which the pitcher throws fewer than 100 pitches. The statistic can be tracked going back to 1988, which is when MLB began keeping complete pitch count records for every game. In that first post, I listed the career leaders for Madduxes (with Greg himself atop the list, quite naturally and comfortably), the fewest pitches in a Maddux, and many other tidbits about the accomplishment. As inspiration strikes, I'll share other Maddux-related information. Today, I take a look at the youngest and oldest pitchers to throw one.