Thursday, August 15, 2013

Each Team's Madduxes and Madduxes Against

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Last night Major League Baseball's official Twitter feed referenced the Maddux. Sadly, they did not mention my name, or link to the original post on the topic, but it was still really, really cool to see them mention it. I did a Twitter search for mentions of the Maddux, and found dozens and dozens, most of which probably have no idea that I came up with the term. These things seem like a sign that the Maddux is really becoming a thing (thanks in large part to Jonah Keri giving it a whole lotta love), which is pretty darn cool for me. In addition to my original post on the Maddux, where I explained what it is, and listed a bunch of factoids relating to it, I've put together a few other posts with Maddux-related info. This post will list how many Madduxes each team has thrown, and also how many each team has had thrown against it.

LAST UPDATED: August 4, 2018

Here's the original Maddux post, with career and single-season leaders, and a bunch of other factoids.

Every team has thrown at least one Maddux.

Most Madduxes:
22: Braves
17: Blue Jays
16: Pirates
15: Twins
14: Phillies
13: Angels, Dodgers, Giants
12: Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs
11: Reds
10: Mariners, Red Sox, Yankees
9: Athletics, Indians, Padres
8: Astros, Expos/Nationals (4 in each form), Rangers, Tigers, White Sox
6: Diamondbacks, Marlins, Mets, Orioles, Rays, Royals
3: Rockies

It should come as no surprise to learn that the team Greg Maddux spent most of his career with has the highest total. The Pirates at #2 #3 (the Blue Jays have passed them since this post was originally written) might be a surprise, unless you know that Zane Smith's 7 Madduxes are second only to Greg's 13, and all 7 of them came with Pittsburgh. It also shouldn't it be a surprise that the expansion teams that weren't around until 1993 or 1998 land at the bottom of the list.

Most Madduxes against:
18: Expos/Nationals (12 as Expos, 6 as Nationals)
17: Angels
16: Cubs
15: Astros, Cardinals
14: Reds
12: Indians, Mets
11: Athletics, Blue Jays, Rays
10: Giants, Pirates, Royals, Tigers, White Sox
9: Braves, Brewers, Dodgers, Mariners, Twins
8: Orioles, Phillies, Red Sox
7: Rockies, Yankees
6: Diamondbacks, Padres
5: Marlins
4: Rangers

The Expos played in the same division as some of the Maddux's greatest practitioners, leading to their lofty total. Meanwhile, I don't know how to explain the Rangers being at the bottom of the list. I guess someone has to be there.

I'll do my best to keep these lists current.


  1. I seem to remember hearing/reading once a long time ago that the perfect game Jim Hunter threw was 89 pitches. If true I wonder where that fits on a list of fewest pitches in a complete game?

  2. If there is a way for you to add the Maddux info for each game, that would be appreciated. For example, I want to click on 'Athletics' above, and then be able to see a list of all 8 games that qualify and the pitcher who threw them. Then maybe those would link over to Baseball_Reference for the actual detail. Just a thought.