Monday, April 23, 2012

A New Opportunity

I was recently invited to contribute a couple articles a week at Southside Showdown, a Chicago White Sox blog on the FanSided sports network. The people in charge over there understand I am not a White Sox fan, that I in fact root for one of their bigger rivals, but this was not seen as a problem. The idea is that as an "outsider" there, I will have unique views on some of what happens with the team. I will also be something of an A.L. Central beat writer, covering happenings throughout the division.

My only condition for accepting the kind offer, was that under no circumstances am I to be put in a position of having to support Hawk Harrelson in any way, be it directly or implied. That man is an abomination to the broadcast booth, and a menace to our fair nation.

I have every intention of continuing to write here. After all, I've really only just begun, and a White Sox blog will not be the right setting for all the stuff that catches my interest and sends me to the computer. The Indians will still inspire me to say things I simply can't get away with on a White Sox platform, both for better and for worse. Stuff will happen in the N.L. that interests me. I'll write about stuff that isn't baseball related at all ("Star Wars" fan ficton, here I come!).

My first story article over there went up this morning, it's a recap of last week around the A.L. Central. I'll probably have that as a weekly thing on Mondays, along with one or two other things later each week. Philip Humber's perfect game makes it a good week to join the staff over there, as it lends itself to plenty of writing.

When I started this blog, it did not occur to me that it would lead to my covering the White Sox, but as I said in my first post here, "I don't know where it's gonna go. Swear to God."

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