Thursday, July 12, 2012

Old Man Finds New Power

A.J. Pierzynski hasn't been much of a power hitter over his career, topping out at 18 home runs in his best season and averaging more like 10 for the last three years or so. At the All-Star break though, he's already sitting on 16 home runs, putting him on pace for 31. Pierzynski is 35 years old, not an age at which players are usually finding previously untapped power, so Pierzynski could join some pretty select (if also somewhat random) company if he keeps it up, or even maintains half his current pace the rest of the way. Who are the oldest players to hit 30+ HR for the first time? I wondered about that, so I settled in to research an answer.

I wrote about what I found over at SouthSide Showdown; what I write there stays there, so I can't reprint it here, but I really think I turned up some interesting stuff and I hope you'll click here and read about it.

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