Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Home: Let's Go Tribe

Last week I applied for a spot at Let's Go Tribe, the biggest and best Indians blog on the internet. I am happy to report that I've been added to the team there and can now expect thousands of Indians fans to read what I have to say (it's true, there are thousands of Indians fans out there. The internet can reach really far, like across oceans and everything). It was only six months ago that I started this blog. I missed having a community of baseball fans I could shoot the breeze with. Many of my friends are baseball fans, but not the way I am. Besides, grown up lives seem to allow less and less time for hanging out and shooting the breeze with friends.

I joined Twitter a year and a half ago, and while I wasn't initially sure just what I planned to get out of it, I soon found that it was a great way to find good baseball stories and articles. Later, I found that some of the people who wrote those stories and articles were happy to "talk" on Twitter. Like most people, a taste of something good just makes me want more of it, and writing about baseball seemed like the best way to go about getting more of that baseball interaction I'd been missing. To go from starting my own blog to being invited to join my favorite team's biggest blog is a huge thrill. My first piece went up on Saturday, it's about the horror that was Derek Lowe's time with the Indians. Today I wrote about just how bad the Indians have been for the last month. There will be lots more to come.

I'll still be writing here too, because there's too much baseball out there for all of it to relate to the Indians. I've got thoughts on Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera I want to get out, the Maddux is going anywhere and it goes far beyond the Indians (it's almost exclusively beyond the Indians, in fact), and with the playoff around the corner there will soon be all sorts of nonsense to react to and analyze. I can admit that I'm pretty numbers-obsessed and looking at the page views is a lot more enjoyable when the numbers are ticking up. So to the couple dozen of you who read this regularly, thank you. I hope you'll keep reading, maybe check out what I'm up to at Let's Go Tribe, and perhaps even share my work with a couple friends.

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