Monday, May 18, 2015

Pitchers with multiple Madduxes in the same season

Shelby Miller was traded to the Braves by the Cardinals this offseason, because St. Louis apparently has so much pitching that they felt they didn't need a 24-year-old only one year removed from finishing 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting. A month and a half into the season, it looks like Atlanta got a real steal, as Miller leads the NL with a 1.33 ERA and a 0.833 WHIP. Miller hasn't allowed more than two runs in any of his eight starts this year, but it's what he's done in the last two weeks that really caught my attention. On May 5 Miller pitched the first Maddux of 2015. Yesterday (May 17), Miller did it again. What's drawn attention is the fact that he was one out away from a no-hitter, but two Madduxes in three starts is accomplishment enough.

In case you're reading this but unfamiliar with the Maddux, it's a shutout on fewer than 100 pitches. You can read a lot more about it here.

Miller is the 19th pitcher ever to throw two Madduxes in the same season, and is the first pitcher ever to throw both of the first two Madduxes in a season.

Pitchers with multiple Madduxes in the same season:

  • Shelby Miller (2015)
  • Henderson Alvarez (2014)
  • Josh Beckett (2009)
  • Bert Blyleven (1989)
  • Chris Capuano (2006)
  • Roger Clemens (1988)
  • Bartolo Colon (2002)
  • Kelly Downs (1988)
  • Tom Glavine (1993)
  • Bill Krueger (1992)
  • Greg Maddux (1995, 1998*, 2000)
  • Shelby Miller (2015)
  • Brian Moehler (1998)
  • Jaime Navarro (1992)
  • Odalis Perez (2002)
  • Brad Radke (2001)
  • James Shields (2008)
  • Zane Smith (1991*, 1992)
  • Dave Stieb (1988)
  • Bob Tewksbury (1990)  

*The record for most Madduxes in a single season is 3, held by Zane Smith (in 1991) and Greg Maddux himself (in 1998, the year I created the Maddux). Miller has four and a half months to try and tie the mark, or perhaps even break it.

Whether he gets there or not, throwing two in not only the same season, but such a brief stretch of a season, puts Miller is awfully small company.

Pitchers with multiple Madduxes in the same calendar month:

  • Kelly Downs (June, 1988)
  • Bob Tewksbury (August, 1990)
  • Zane Smith (May, 1991)
  • Greg Maddux (September, 2000)
  • Shelby Miller (May, 2015)

The last pitcher to throw two Madduxes in the span of three starts in a season was Jamed Shields, in 2008. In addition to Miller and Shields having thrown two in three starts, Zane Smith and Greg Maddux each pitched back-to-back Madduxes.

Last year I wrote about Henderson Alvarez being the active master of the Maddux, and I stand by that. Miller is making a push for it right now though, and he's making the Atlanta front office look very wise in the process.

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