Thursday, May 10, 2012

Your 1st Place Cleveland Indians

The season is now ~20% of the way over. We're still in the SSS (small sample size) portion of the season, meaning we shouldn't read too much into any of what's happened so far (Josh Hamilton, on pace for 75 HR and 194 RBI, won't actually reach those totals. Or will he??? ...No, he won't). 20% is enough to start looking at early season trends though. In that spirit, I tried to figure out how it is that the Indians find themselves in 1st place in the A.L. Central. I don't expect it to last (they were 30-15 at one point last year, with a big lead in the division, and wound up finishing 15 games behind the Tigers. There is a LOT of baseball left), but I wanted to see how they've done it so far.

Is it just smoke and mirrors? Maybe. Some of it certainly is. I don't think all of it is though. You can find my take on what's going on over at Southside Showdown. I'll make it easy for you, just click here!

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