Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adam Dunn, Triple Crown Winner???

Adam Dunn had one of the worst seasons in baseball history in 2011, this year he's bounced back in a big way and is currently leading the American League in home runs. He's also on top in walks and strikeouts. Those three categories are together known as the "three true outcomes," they're the possible results of a plate appearance that don't involve any of the other players on the field (well, I guess the catcher is still involved, but you get the idea). Just how often does one player lead the league in all three of those categories?

The short answer: Not often at all.

I don't link to everything I write at Southside Showdown, but I think this is worth reading for non-White Sox fans too. Take a look here to read more about Dunn's season and where it would rank historically, should he keep things up.

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